Usage of TabGroupPaneRegionAdapter & Infragistics

Feb 3, 2009 at 5:40 AM
I am attempting making a shell with a dockable layout using the Infragistics xamDockManager and associated controls. Infragistics use the "ContentPane" in this to hold content. From their doc: "The ContentPane object is a pane for containing content. The ContentPane object derives from HeaderedContentControl; therefore, using a content pane is the same as any headered content control found in Microsoft® Windows® Presentation Foundation. The content pane also exposes many properties to modify docking related behaviors."

The extension for using xamDockManager with prism target the TabGroupPane which in itself is a "container of containers". I am not sure of the reasoning for not targeting the ContentPane objects, but I find it quite difficult to use now because one TabGroupPane (which is the object with the region name) equals one ContentPane, which is generated by the RegionAdapter. This means one window for every tabgroup currently for me, but I might be missing something.

Could anyone help me with some help creating a named region for each tab in a DocumentContentHost?