DelegateCommand and Module load

Oct 6, 2009 at 8:22 AM

Hi everybody!

First of all i have to say that i'm new to this framework (library) and some things may not be very clear to my understanding!
The problem i'm facing is the following:
1a. created a shell window with 2 regions: upper region for menu, lower region for main content (with tabcontrol as the container for the views).
1b.created a module to contain a user control with a toolbar with 2 buttons
2. created 2 commands in main application (to load 2 modules)
3. created 2 modules to be loaded for the 2 commands above.
4. pushing first button (in menu) loads the first module (to be more precise..its view) into the tabcontrol, pushing the second button (in menu) loads the second ... module (its view) into the tabcontorl.
...everything as expected!
My problem lies in the fact that pushing the first button AGAIN does not reload the module (its view)! My scenario is this: i want to implement closable tabitems. If the user wants to reselect a menu item, the view which was closed, should reopen!! How to achieve this?
I know it sounds ... silly, but it's a major problem to me.

Thanks in advance