Namespace Clash In XAML Support File Generation

Jan 20, 2009 at 2:27 PM
I thought I would take the CompositeWPFContrib.Composite.Wpf.Infragistics project to for a drive. 

I created a new Shell Project as per the Prism 101 How To and added a added references to Infragistics components and the CompositeWPFContrib.Composite.Wpf.Infragistics library
Added a dockmanager control to the shell and tried to compile. 
I found that the generation of the .g xaml support file complained as it tried to look for the DockManager Control in the CompositeWPFContrib.Composite.Wpf.Infragistics library ?!

Although this could probably be viewed as a bug and I could find a workaround my gut feeling is that we should avoid using the Infragistics namespace 
if it is going to cause friction in out of the box type scenarios. 

I have changed the project name to CompositeWPFContrib.Composite.Wpf.InfraPrism for now. 

Any thoughts or decent namespace suggestions?